Professor Dr. Heiner Lieth

Crop Ecologist specializing in greenhouse, nursery and in-door production, soilless culture, and applications of photovoltaic energy production in agriculture

Mailing address:
Plant Sciences Department Mailstop 2; One Shields Ave, University of California, Davis, CA 95616, USA

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Description of research activities:

My research, teaching, and extension work focuses on plant production in protected cultivation (greenhouse, nursery).

  • My research focuses on the relationship between environmental variables and soilless crop production. This research includes a variety of projects ranging from basic to applied research.  Basic research projects focus on the quantification (through the use of mathematical models) of plant and crop processes.  My applied research deals with production optimization, soilless (hydroponic) production of horticultural crops, greenhouse automation, and the development of production-management tools, particularly ones based on mathematical models.
  • I work extensively with horticultural crops including ornamentals (rose, lily, chrysanthemum, orchids, etc) and vegetable and fruit crops (strawberry, tomato, pepper, leafy-greens etc).
  • I use technologies (photovoltaics, LED lighting, nutrient sensing, etc) within the above areas. I am especially interested in the dual use of agricultural lands for both energy and crop production.



I teach a course in greenhouse and nursery management (ENH 125) and a course about flowers called "Flower Power" (PLS 006)