Professor Emeritus Dr. Heiner Lieth

Emeritus Crop Ecologist specializing in greenhouse, nursery and in-door production, soilless culture, and applications of photovoltaic energy production in agriculture

Mailing address:
Plant Sciences Department Mailstop 2; One Shields Ave, University of California, Davis, CA 95616, USA

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Description of research activities:

While I have officially retired from UCDavis, I am still active in the following areas.

I conduct research in plant production in protected cultivation (greenhouse, nursery) as well as in-door production using light generated with lamps.

  • My research continues to be focused on the relationship between environmental variables and soilless crop production (including liquid culture hydroponics).
  • I work extensively with horticultural crops including ornamentals (rose, lily, chrysanthemum, orchids, etc) and vegetable and fruit crops (strawberry, tomato, pepper, leafy-greens etc).
  • I use technologies (photovoltaics, LED lighting, nutrient sensing, etc) within the above areas. I am especially interested in the dual use of agricultural lands for both energy and horticultural crop production.



I will continue to teach a course in greenhouse and nursery management (ENH 125 during winter quarter) and a course about flowers called "Flower Power" (PLS 006V) (winter and/or spring quarter.

Since I have retired from UCDavis, I am no longer taking graduate students.

Consulting Expertise: