Professor Dr. Heiner Lieth

Crop Ecologist specializing in greenhouse and nursery production, soilless culture, and applications of photovoltaic energy production in agriculture

Mailing address:
Plant Sciences Department Mailstop 2; One Shields Ave, University of California, Davis, CA 95616, USA

Tel: 530-752-7198

Description of research activities:

My research, teaching, and extension work focuses on plant production in protected cultivation (greenhouse, nursery).

  • My research focuses on the relationship between environmental variables and soilless crop production. This research includes a variety of projects ranging from basic to applied research.  Basic research projects focus on the quantification (through the use of mathematical models) of plant and crop processes.  My applied research deals with production optimization, soilless (hydroponic) production of horticultural crops, greenhouse automation, and the development of production-management tools, particularly ones based on mathematical models.
  • I also carry out a testing progmam to verify and certify products as to efficacy and phototoxicity specifically towards such purposes as registration of the material or profiding independent verification that the product does what the label or proposed label) state. I particularly focus on useful tools in plant growth management, weed and pest control and other agricultural materials.
  • I work extensively with horticultural crops including ornamentals (rose, lily, chrysanthemum, orchids, etc) but am also involved in research on various other vegetable and fruit crops (Strawberry, tomato, pepper, leafy-greens etc) that lend themselves to soilless production.
  • Use of technologies (photovoltaics, LED lighting, nutrient sensing, etc) within the above areas. One area of particular interest to me is the dual use of agricultural lands for simultaneiously growing plants and generating electricity. I am also working on integrating a complete set of technologies into a hydroponic system that can be sustainable and applicable in conditions where plant production has traditionally not been possible.



I teach a course in greenhouse and nursery management (ENH 125 - Winter Quarter), a graduate course on modeling plant growth of horticultural crops (HRT 251 - Winter Quarter) as well as a course that teaches students how to use and appreciate flowers called "Flower Power" (PLS 006 - Spring Quarter)


Other useful stuff: My Publications

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